Thursday, 9 March 2017


Question: which banana will oxidise least after 18 hours? One covered in lemon, in sugar, in cornflour, in salt or with nothing?
Hypothesis: we thought that the banana with sugar would oxidise least.
Experiment: each group cut up a banana and covered it with their chosen ingredient.
Analysis: the results were as follows:
Salt - some oxisadation
Sugar - a lot of oxidisation
Cornflour - very little oxidisation
Lemon -some oxidisation
Nothing - a lot of oxidisation and dried out.
Conclusion - our conclusion was incorrect. The cornflour stopped the oxygen from oxidising the banana.
Good experiment! 👍


  1. THEY ARE SO UGLY!!! I thought that cornflour oxidates the best but I was incorrect. It was so funny!!!

  2. Carlota .I love this experiment is very funny and i thought that sugar is going to oxidate a lot